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Customs clearance of postal consignments

We provide:

  • customs declaration of postal consignments

Postal consignments subject to customs

The procedure of customs clearance of postal consignments in international postal traffic is carried out under customs control and under implementation of customs clearance procedures, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Customs Act, regulations made under that law, international postal and customs agreements and other postal regulations.

All postal consignments that are the subject to international postal traffic, as well as any operation performed with postal consignments in international postal traffic, are subject to customs supervision and the process of customs control in the manner required by the customs and postal regulations. Basically, when the postal shipment reaches the customs territory of the Republic of Croatia, the customs officer in the authorized post office separates the shipments that are not submitted to the customs (so they are immediately released for delivery to recipients) from those that must be submitted to the customs for inspection. For any further information about the necessary documentation and procedures please contact us with confidence.



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